Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reptile Services

We are now offering reptile shoots down in the studio based on good friend Lourance.

If you are looking to do some reptile shoots in the studio get in contact for prices. If you are needing to do onsite or remote locations give Lourance a call!

He has more snakes in different colours and sizes that you can think of or name. He specials in snake handling and dont forget to check out that cute chrested ghecko he has!

Great guy to work with and works well on shoots and productions. He is a natural when it coems to the reptiles and will ensure you get the shot you are after.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Studio Lighting - Multiblitz

a breakdown of the lighting we offer with our packages!

1 flash power unit,Multiblitz Magnolite32

2 flash heads, both 3200Ws strong with normal reflectors

1 Softbox, Multiflex 75cm x 75cm

1 Reflector ( O 30cm ) inside silver

1 Reflector ( O 30cm ) inside white

1 honey comb

2 Umbrellas

Two Multiblitz "ProX Digilights“ with ventilation / 650ws
including barndoors

One Multiblitz Mini Spot 200 with accessories
honey comb, barndoor,snoot, umbrella and spot


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Top Secret Production...

Some snap shots of what we have been filming the other day, unfortunately we cant say what it is......yet!

So be patient and before you know it you will be well aware of it and will want it.

oh this is our temp portable green screen as we will be building a full green chroma key curve in the near futue, so stay tuned for that also...